Fairy Bricks’s Headquarters Burgled

The Fairy Bricks’s Headquarters was broken into over the weekend into and a huge chunk of their inventory was stolen.

In case you are not familiar with Fairy Bricks, they are a UK based charity that distributes LEGO sets to kids in hospitals and they have been doing this for much longer than I’ve been blogging about LEGO.

Entry point for the robbers into the Fairy Bricks warehouse

Needless to say that I’m upset that there are people out there who feel the need to obtain LEGO sets in this desperate manner.

While the sets can be replaced, the van which Fairy Bricks used to deliver the sets has also been stolen. If anyone has any information on this do drop Fairy Bricks a message.

“We are saddened to report that we have suffered a devastating robbery at Fairy HQ over the weekend. We still have to assess the full extent of the stock taken. Our van has also been stolen. West Yorkshire Police are fully aware and are working to apprehend the criminals who have clearly targeted us.”

This isn’t the first time that Fairy Bricks has been robbed. Back in 2017, a group of robbers cut through the side of the Fairy Bricks van and stole about 2,000 sets from them.

Fairy Bricks Robbed

You can donate and learn more about Fairy Bricks at http://www.fairybricks.org/

One response to “Fairy Bricks’s Headquarters Burgled”

  1. Gail Callicott says:

    That is absolutely not on. I am glad, that their van, is brightly painted, and [hopefully] the perps aren’t smart enough, to figure out that a “paint job” of their own, is gonna be spotted, in a heartbeat. I hope that Fairybricks, will be able to quickly recover, from this. Maybe Lego, could help them out, for a bit. Till [hopefully] they can get back “on the job”…..it is so important, to those kids. And to the folks, who make the deliveries!

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