LEGO Star Wars Han Solo (5006363) Keychain First Look!

The main takeaway from the LEGO Brand Store November 2020 Calendar was the LEGO Star Wars Han Solo (5006363) Keychain that you can redeem if you spend a minimum of USD$100 on any LEGO Star Wars product.

LEGO’s online store, Shop@Home, has just published some images that gives us a better look at this unique gift with purchase.

The metallic keychain comes in a sleek telescope box. The keychain is embossed on one side with LEGO Han Solo trapped in carbonite while the back sports an engraving of the LEGO VIP logo.

©dylan chow

So far, this seems to be only available in LEGO Brand Stores so I’m not sure if the LEGO Certified Stores (LCS) will be getting it as well.

Watch this space! In the meantime, it might be prudent to tap your friends in the United States and United Kingdom if your local LCS is not running this promotion.

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