LEGO Colosseum (10276) Teased By LEGO Italy!

We’ve all heard the rumours and even spotted the little easter egg that was hidden in the LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 (10271) box art (and not to mention the leaked box images last week).

LEGO Italy has just announced that on November 13th at 15:00, that they will announce “the largest LEGO product ever made” which is safe to say that it is the LEGO Colosseum (10276) that is reported to consist of 9,035 pcs.

LEGO Colosseum By Rack Huang

The text “LXXX d.C. – 2020 …una volta ogni 2000 anni…” translates to “80AD – 2020 …once every 2000 years…” I’m not too sure why they used d.C. instead of Anno Domini (AD) but I think it was to denote the year that the Colosseum was completed.

There is also another image attached to the “teaser” release which features a squad of LEGO Roman soldier minifigures but I’m thinking that they shouldn’t be included in the set. But if they were, this would probably be the most expensive battlepack in the history of LEGO.

Ancient Rome comes to life with the new LEGO® set!

LEGO® presents the brick reproduction of one of the most fascinating monuments in the world. This is the largest LEGO product ever made, with great attention to detail to make it faithful to the original and to enhance its timeless beauty.

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  1. federinik says:

    d. C. in italian it means “dopo Cristo”, after the birth of Jesus Christ, the same that latin “A. D.”

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