LEGO Botanical Collection 2021 Official Images!

We caught a glimpse of these about a week ago and now thanks to a Polish online toy store, we now have the first official images to the first two sets of the LEGO Botanical Collection!

Bonsai Tree (10281) – 878 pieces – 299.99zł (~SGD107)

Flower Bouquet (10280) – 756 pieces – 299.99zł (~SGD107)

These “plant” theme build does remind me of AC Pin’s flower arrangement at the LEGO House as well as Chris McVeigh’s buildable Bonsai he had on his website before he left to be a LEGO Designer.

As LEGO has been pushing quite heavily into the AFOL market, we should expect more of these types of sets in the following year.

These sets should be released world wide in January!

5 responses to “LEGO Botanical Collection 2021 Official Images!”

  1. Emily says:

    This should 100 % be released !

  2. Ronnie Ansell says:

    Both very good projects to have a go at!
    I especially like The Bonsai Tree.

  3. Casper says:

    I can’t wait for these to be released! That Bonsai Tree looks all kinds of awesome and will go well with my architecture collection here on the shelf.

  4. Zoe Darlene Hernandez says:

    I would definitely buy both of these

  5. […] Colosseum doubles up as a bonsai pot here which could allude to the upcoming LEGO Bonsai Tree (10281) that is coming in January 2021. I’m not too sure how well the Colosseum can hold water but I […]

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