LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe VIP Rewards Is Sold Out

Honestly I have no been following the launch of the LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe VIP rewards as we do not have a VIP programme in the country I reside in.

However, one also cannot ignore the chatter surrounding this much sought after companion set to the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283).

I did a quick check and realised that it has already sold out after only a few hours of it being listed in the VIP rewards center, much to the exasperation of LEGO fans around the world.

There were website glitches which prevented a lot of fans from redeeming their VIP points to get the Space Probe.

Here is just a sampling of the frustration that the community has been having:

Which begs the question, why go through all this trouble if it was meant to be a companion set for anyone who bought the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery (10283)?

Half the LEGO fans around the globe are already unable to get this due to the fact that the LEGO VIP program does not exist in our countries and yet, it is increasingly difficult for those who actually have access to the rewards center.

Not to mention that the scalpers are having a field day with the LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe on eBay and other secondary market sales platforms.

Hopefully LEGO can take a better look at their rewards center and VIP rewards as I honestly don’t think this system is rewarding the fans one bit.

3 responses to “LEGO NASA Ulysses Space Probe VIP Rewards Is Sold Out”

  1. William D Schell says:

    I tried to get it here in the US and all I got was a page saying website was down and when it came back up the probe was sold out. Lego screwed up on this one the set should have been a freebie with the shuttle purchase

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