Your Complete Guide to LEGO Super Mario 2021 Summer Sets!

We’ve caught a glimpse of a handful of sets from the next LEGO Super Mario Summer 2021 wave and now LEGO has officially announced the full slate of sets that we can empty our wallets with come August.

This wave introduces Mario’s brother, Luigi, which actually allows you to have a two player co-op speed runs through the obstacle courses.

Adventures with Luigi (71387) – 280pcs – SGD$84.99 / 59.99€

Figures:  Luigi, Boom Boom, Pink Yoshi, Bone Gumba

Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower (71388) – 231pcs –  SGD$49.90 / 29.99€

Figures: Krähbert, Sumo brother boss

Lakitu Sky World (71389) – 484pcs – SGD$64.90 / 39.99€

Figures: Lakitu, Kugelwilli, Fuzzy

Reznor Knockdown (71390) – 862pcs – SGD$109.90 / 69.99€

Figures: Reznor x2, a rocking Grrrol, a Blue Toad

Bowser’s Airship (71391) – 1152pcs – SGD$179.90 / 99.99€

Figures: Kamek, Rocky Wrench, Gumba

Frog Mario (71392) – 11pcs – SGD$14.90 / 9.99€

Bee Mario (71293) – 11pcs – SGD$14.90 / 9.99€

Super Mario Collection Series 3 (71394) –  SGD$6.50 / 3.99€

Figures: Galumba, Parachute Bob-omb, Buu Huu, Krähbert, Sparky, Torpedo-Ted, Bone-Beetle, 1-Up-Mushroom, Trippeltrap, Flappflapp

Definitely buying that Airship on launch day. It has been a while since LEGO has given us another set that could fit into a LEGO Steampunk” diorama.

The sets will hit the shelves on August 1st at all LEGO Brand and Certified Stores around the world (barring any shipping delays due to the pandemic).

Here is the full press release:

Once connected via Bluetooth, 2-player adventUres with LEGO Nlario and LEGO Luigi (or any combination of the two figures) are made possible. Now, children and fans can play as a team, collect extra digital coins by doing in-sync actions Iil‹e walking, flipping and jumping, or worl‹ together to defeat enemies, complete challenges, share rewards or even by changing up the play and competing against each other.

The new unique 2-player feature was also shared in a video posted by the LEGO GroUp and Nintendo earlier today.

“For Us it’s all about encoUraging continuous creative rebUllding and extended playtime. With today’s announcement, we’re not only bringing LEGO Nlario and LEGO LUIQi, their friends and enemies to life in new interactive ways for endless fun, we’re also thrilled to expand their play experience and the LEGO SUper Nlario Universe with even more new sets and characters, something we really hope will excite fans”, says Simon Ident, Creative Lead, LEGO SUper Nlario.

The interactive and highly-anticipated Adventures with Luigi Starter Course is the latest extension of the LEGO Super Nlario prodUCt line, the result of a Unique partnership with Nintendo, that has introduced an entirely new way to play with LEGO bricks. Players will be able to get their hands on LEGO LUlQl Wlth the LEGO Super Nlario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course, a set that contains elements for both single and dual play from AUQUSt 1St.

LEGO Luigi and LEGO Nlario, the fraternal twin brothers, are available as separate Starter Courses — both functioning as entry points into the world of LEGO SUper Nlario —with the 2- player interactive play available Using any combination of the two figures from 1 AUQUSt 2021.

In addition to the unveiling of the new Bluetooth-enabled 2-player mode, the LEGO GroUp is introdUcing four new Expansion Sets, two new Power-Up Packs and ten new Character Pacl‹s. The four new Expansion Sets represent highly immersive bUilds for kids to expand their Starter Courses, and feature elements that are sUitable for single play, bUt also enable dual play, and extra coin collection.

The Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set’ gives fans a first chance to bUild an exciting new level within the Universe, taking on the infamOUS flying ship. Fight off /fome/r, a Goomba and a Rockg Wrench then battle with the ship itself! The ship can be arranged in ’flying mode’ or folded OUt in ’coUrse mode’.

The other new prodUCts introdUCed today include: Frog Nlario and Bee Mario Power-Up packs, which let players change Up play and dress LEGO Nlario in his pIayfUI frog and bee suits; and a BOSS SUmo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set, where kids can use their LEGO Nlario and/or LEGO LUIQi figure to bring down the Topple Tower — fUn for solo play, or for playing with friends and family.

The full list of products announced today are:

  • 71391 Bowser’s Airship Expansion Set (SGD 179.90)
  • 71388 Boss Sumo Bro Topple Tower Expansion Set (SGD 09.90)
  • 71389 LaltltU SI‹y World Expansion Set (SGD 60.90)
  • 71390 Reznor Ifnockdown Expansion Set (SGD 109.90)
  • 71392 Frog Mario Power-Up Pacl‹ (SGD10.90)
  • 71393 Bee Nlario Power-Up Pack (SGD14.90)
  • 71394 Character Packs — Series 3 (10 collectible Character Pacl‹s, inclUding Galoomba, Parachute Bob-omb, Crowber, Boo, Amp, Torpedo Ted, Bony Beetle, 1-Up Nlushroom, Scuttlebug and Swoop) (SGD6.50)

All Sets and Packs offer fans limitless ways to expand, rebUlld, customise and create their own action-pacl‹ed challenges and lots of creative fun in a highly-interactive experience that now features 2-player connectivity with LEGO Nlario and LEGO LUIQI.

The 71387 LEGO Super Nlario AdventUres with LUIQi Starter CoUrse is available for pre-order now through httDS’ // Der-mario/luisi and at LEGO Certified Stores, Toys ’R’ Us, and the official LEGO Store on Lazada, Shopee and Amazon, ready to launch on 1 AUQUSt 2021. The recommended retail price for the 71387 AdventUres with Luigi Starter Course is SGD80.90.

The remaining announced prodUCts will be available to purchase from 1 AUQUSt 2021 at LEGO Certified Stores, LEGO Official Store on Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, as well as major retailers and department stores in Singapore.


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