LEGO Brick Playing Cards (5006906) Purchase with Purchase For USA Stores

Chronicle Books has been producing some really cool LEGO-related products and LEGO’s Shop@Home USA has just announced that the LEGO Brick Playing Cards will be a gift with purchase from the 24th of July to the end of the month.

The set of playing cards comes with two LEGO themed 54 card sets. They are all proper playing cards so you could use them for your next game of Texas Hold’em (ironic no?)

LEGO Brick Playing Cards

All you need to do is spend a minimum of USD$40 and you’ll be able to pick this up for USD$9.99. It is actually listed for USD$15.99 on the Chronicle store so it is a nice discount but it is sold out at the moment which means this is the only way to get it now.

LEGO Brick Playing Cards

I wouldn’t mind picking up a set of these but I’d probably never use them. Just a nice addition to my non-LEGO bricks collection.

I’ve only seen this offer on the USA Shop@home but if anyone spots this in other regions, do drop a comment below!

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