LEGO Minifigures Marvel Studios (71013) Feel Guide!

I look forward to each new LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series as it always has something new to introduce and the LEGO Minifigure Marvel Studios (71031) series has a LOT to feature.

Zombie Hunter Spidey

The string with climbing grips are unique to Zombie Hunter Spidey so look for that. Spidey is also the only minifigure with two head pieces, one with the mask and one of Peter Parker’s face.

Winter Soldier

Bucky comes with two knives which are still in their plastic frame so feel for that. He also has a shield but as do three other characters in this line up. His hairpiece should feel bumpy with some ridges.

Zombie Captain America

Zombie Cap has a helmet instead of a hairpiece which should feel smooth and round. He is also on of the characters that sports a shield so do not confuse him with the others.


Her unique element is the Loki alligator animal figure (pity he doesn’t have horns). She also has a sabre weapon which is should feel long and pointed. Sylvie’s hairpiece with her crown is one solid piece so feel for that single unbroken horn.

The Scarlet Witch

She comes with two power blast elements that should feel smooth and round to the touch. Her hair is long and wavy so feel for a large hairpiece.

T’Challa Star Lord

His quad blasters should feel like the end of a two-pronged fork with an indentation in the middle. His helmet should feel a bit blocky in the packaging. He also comes with an additional hair piece.

Captain Carter

She is one of the four characters with a shield so look for her hairpiece which should feel solid with wavy ridges. Confirmation should be the two 1×1 platees that make up the Tesseract.

The Vision

His accessory is actually the book element that we first saw in Harry Potter Minifigure series. His book cover should feel flat and thin and the backing should have two studs protruding. There is also a 1×2 tile for the book’s contents. Do note that he comes with a cape so don’t press too hard.

Monica Rambeau

She comes with a brick-built drone that consists of a 1×1 cheese slope, a 1×1 brick with stud on the side, a clip, a 3L Bar and one other element that I can’t seem to identify (1L bar with Top Stud and 2 Side Studs?). Her hair piece is quite large and should feel rather bumpy through the packaging

Captain America

His wings are brick built and one of the easier elements to identify are the 2×2 flag with clips for the wing tips. There is a harness he wears as well which is unique to him. He is also one of the four who has a shield. Confirm with the Redwing 2×2 triangular tile.

Gamora with Blade of Thanos

Her weapon consists of a handle with two blade elements. They should feel thin and pointy in the packaging. Her hair also a solid piece and should feel smooth to the touch.


He actually comes with Throng figure which should feel like a small doll with a big head (Think they are the same type of figures that was used in the LEGO Disney Princess storybooks).

Loki also has a TVA mug which should feel cylindrical with a handle. His hair is shoulder length and is one solid piece

There you have it! I know that there might be some grammatical errors in the descriptions and I might have missed out on some noteworthy elements to identify the characters and I apologise in advance.

This has always been just a fun guide for those looking to find the figure that they want. If you do come across extras, do share with the community! Good hunting everyone! LEGO Minifigure Marvel Studios will launch on September 1st, 2021.

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