LEGO Ideas Motorised Lighthouse 21335 Officially Revealed!

We actually caught a peek at the prototype for the LEGO Ideas Motorised Lighthouse 21335 at the last RLFM days and it has since improved quite a bit.

The final product is a slight departure from the original but I think it still retains the essence of what Roses Must Build was trying to achieve in his initial submission.

One of the key features of the submission was the motorised beacon for the lighthouse and it as been preserved with it’s own light kit and a new element to mimic a real Fresnel lens in minifigure scale.

The set also comes with a battery box, medium motor and cable with lights to power the rotating beacon and the cottage’s glowing fireplace.

The structure stands at 54cm tall and sits on a blue 32 x 32 baseplate (sorry guys, it’s not a new dark blue baseplate as we all speculated).

This nautical watchtower comes with two minifigures, a lighthouse keeper and sailor with a row boat, along with a cat and seagull animal figure.

The LEGO Ideas Motorised Lighthouse 21335 will consist of 2065 pieces and will have a recommended retail price of USD$299.99 / €299.99.

It will have a street date of September 1st although I would check with your local LEGO store as there has been a lot of stock delays and rolling launches recently.

There are many speculations as to why the rowboat is named “LEDA”. Anyone can fathom a guess?

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