LEGO Releases First Ever Minifigure Representing Vitiligo

LEGO has released the first ever minifigure to represent those who has the condition of Vitiligo. It affects the skin pigmentation which develops white patches on the skin mainly on the face, hands and arms.

It is estimate that it affects approximately 1.5 percent of the population although most cases are unreported. Notable cases are Michael Jackson, US actor David Dastmalchian and former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The recently announced LEGO Ideas Table Football 21337 set is chocked full of minifigure heads with different flesh tones which can be considered a milestone in LEGO’s journey to inclusivity.

LEGO has always tried to promote inclusion throughout the years with the first minifigure wheelchair accessory appearing in LEGO City Fun in the Park (60134).

They also included a female minifigure with a hearing aid in the LEGO City Main Square (60271) and a male minifigure with a prosthetic leg in LEGO City Grocery Store (60347).


There are other instances as well with the LEGO Collector Minifigure Series including a racing wheelchair and the seeing eye dog in the LEGO City Town Center (60292).

The LEGO Harry Potter Magical Trunk (76399) also had an assortment of flesh tone heads to create your very own Hogwarts student.

I applaud LEGO’s efforts to include diversity in their sets as it does go a long way for fans to create a world that reflects the one they live in.

I do however hope that LEGO can also work to make the set available to more diverse incomes as the price point for the latest set seems a bit prohibitive.

On one hand, the designers and all those involved worked hard to create a meaningful set that celebrates diversity. And then the powers that be gatekeeps it behind a $300 price tag.

Our brand team has an agenda to drive diversity and inclusion, and when we worked with them, we learned that they were also planning to create a Foosball Table when this was in the works, so instead of developing two sets, we brought both forces together and found this was the perfect opportunity to show diversity and inclusion – Jordan Scott Design Manager, LEGO Ideas

While I’m glad that they actually tried to make my April Fool’s for this year a reality, it is almost as if LEGO is telling us that diversity is only for those who can afford it.


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