LEGO Winter Wonderland VIP Add On Pack 40514 Discovered

The LEGO Spooky VIP Add On Pack (40513) gift with purchase promotion is still running and now we have the first official look at the LEGO Winter Wonderland VIP Add-On pack courtesy of the UK’s LEGO Shop@Home.

The pack should be available in November or December as the Halloween themed one is still running till the end of the month.

It should be redeemable for £50 / USD$50 / €50 on any LEGO products which was the same as the previous VIP add-on packs.

These packs have turned up recently with a slew of cool accessories and elements focused on a single theme.

It is similar to the LEGO XTRAS polybags that we could purchase previously but have now since retired. Which is a pity as the countries without a LEGO VIP program have no access to these coveted Add-On packs.

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