LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin 21338 Official Reveal!

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin 21338

Thanks to the leak of the box image yesterday, LEGO pushed up the embargo timing so we’re actually getting the official reveal a little earlier than initially planned.

I am honestly quite impressed with the LEGO makeover of the original project in the fact that they managed to retain most of Andrea Lattanzio’s design choices.

The set features an A-Frame cabin that is is triangular in shape with “a steeply shopping roof that extends all the way to the ground”.

I really like how the facade is created, utilising plates and tiles rather than stacked bricks to achieve the wood paneling.

The structure is also modular in the sense that the different storeys can be removed to access the interiors.

The LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin (21338) consists of 2082pcs which includes four minifigures along with  2 moths, 2 butterflies, 2 frogs, 2 birds, an otter, a spider and a squirrel.

The set will have a recommended retail price of USD$/€179.99 and a street date of February 4th 2023.

LEGO Ideas A-Frame Cabin 21338

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