LEGO Indiana Jones Sets Confirmed For April 2023

LEGO Indiana Jones sets

While a re-visit of the beloved LEGO Indiana Jones theme has all but been confirmed, the latest toy catalogue from Smyths Toys can finally put those rumours to rest.

We are definitely getting a slew of new and rebooted LEGO Indiana Jones sets this summer just in time for the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

LEGO Indiana Jones sets

There are a total of eight new sets, four of which pay tribute to Indy’s past adventures from Raiders of the Lost Ark all the way through to Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Fighter Plane Chase (77012)

  • Set number: 77012
  • Title:  Fighter Plane Chase
  • Piece count: 387
  • Minifigures:  3
  • Price: €29.99

Escape from the Lost Tomb (77013)


  • Set number: 77013
  • Title:  Escape from the Lost Tomb
  • Piece Count: 600
  • Minifigures:  4
  • Price: €39.99

The Temple of Doom (77014)

  • Set number: 77014
  • Title:  The Temple of Doom
  • Piece Count: 801
  • Minifigures:  6
  • Price: €79.99

“Temple Escape Diorama” 77015

  • Set number: 77015
  • Title:  “Temple Escape Diorama”
  • Piece Count: 1545
  • Minifigures:  4
  • Price: €149.99

I’ll post more details on the sets once they are confirmed. Watch this space!

(Via Promobricks)

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