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LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down (75810) Official Announcement!


The latest season for Netflix’s hit streaming series Stranger Things just a month away, we have the official images to the first ever LEGO/Netflix collaboration! The LEGO Stranger Things: The Upside Down (75810) is not only a first for the streaming series, it is also definitely a first in terms of design. It features the Byer’s house […]

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LEGO Spiderman Far From Home (40343) Character Pack Sneak Peek!


The LEGO Spiderman: Far From Home sets have selling for a couple of weeks already but here is a first look at the LEGO Spiderman Far From Home (40343) Character Pack that should be hitting the shelves pretty soon! The pack features three minifigures: Spider-Man, Maria Hill and Ned Leeds. There is a brick built drone that is included as well. As […]

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Toy Store Found Using LEGO Stickers On Non-LEGO Sets


We are all familiar with the ongoing intellectual property battle between LEGO and Lepin/NOUGAO but it seems even that isn’t slowing down the flagrant misuse of the LEGO logo. A toy rental store in Shanghai has been found to use stickers of the LEGO logo to masquerade non-LEGO sets as original LEGO products. You can see […]

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LEGO Statue of Liberty (40367) First Look!


There were some chatter about a regional exclusive LEGO Statue of Liberty BrickHeadz and thanks to we now have our very first glimpse! The set will consist of 153pcs and should retail for USD$9.90. It was also rumoured to be a New York exclusive but LEGO has since announced that it will be doing […]

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LEGO Stranger Things Teased in “1985” LEGO Commercial!


Just this morning, LEGO Facebook page posted a quaint LEGO ‘commercial’ supposedly from 1985  which incidentally is the same time period in which the hit Netflix series Stranger Things is set (Season 3 is actually set in 1985). There is something odd about choice of cars featured in the commercial as they are not the […]

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LEGO Hidden Side Full Round Up!


LEGO officially announced LEGO Hidden Side at the New York Toy Fair, their new theme which utilises your mobile phone add augmented reality (AR) into our LEGO sets. Amazon UK just uploaded the official images to the upcoming sets and we have eight to look forward to! Laboratory (70418) – 174 parts – €19,99 Ship […]

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Bricksworld’s LEGO Certified Store AFOL Night: April Edition!


I had the fortune of attending the bi-monthly AFOL night that is held at the Bricksworld flagship LEGO Certified Store in Orchard ION shopping center. If you reading this for the first time, AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) nights are organised by the Bricksworld LEGO Certified Store team every couple of months where they invite LEGO […]

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Micro LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV Instructions!


The LEGO Brand Stores had a mini-build activity where you could construct for yourself a micro scale LEGO Tantive IV! Thanks to AFOL Bennie Howard, we now have the instructions for this mini-sized blockade runner. The parts look to be quite easy to find in your own stash save for the red and yellow technic […]

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These Are The LEGO Droids You’re Looking For…


May the 4th is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to announce the best iteration of the Boost device this side of a galaxy far far away. LEGO Star Wars and Boost are teaming up to bring us the LEGO® Star Wars™ BOOST Droid Commander system that will allow us to build and code three iconic […]

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LEGO City Rocket Transport (60229) First Look!


We got our first glimpse at the upcoming LEGO City Mars Exploration sub-theme last week and now thanks to an Ukranian Online Store, Playzone, we now have the official images to the latest set. The LEGO City Rocket Transport consists of 1,055 pcs which makes this the largest set from the wave so far. There […]

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