LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age 21340 Official Announcement!

The LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age project was one of the surprise selections from the first 2022 review results which I felt was a nice departure from slew of IP (Intellectual property) sets of late.

Jan Woźnica (aka john_carter) project was a fitting tribute of mankind’s fascination of the stars and strange new worlds told through a trio of vignettes.

LEGO added one more vignette making it a quartet of buildable scenes similar to the awesome Brick Sketches by Chris McVeigh. They are able to stand on their own or be hung on the wall through a notch at the back.

They do make a lovely addition to a shelf or a wall but I don’t see much utility beyond being a cosmetic space filler.


The recommended retail price for the LEGO Ideas Tales of the Space Age (21340) is USD/€49.99 and will have a launch date of 5th May for VIP members and 8th May for the public.

Overall, this is a solid concept with a great design techniques although I feel that it might only pull in a niche audience.

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