The LEGO Batman Movie Foil Pack Discovered

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Foil Pack

The LEGO Batman Movie Foil Pack

It looks like on top of the massive LEGO Batman Movie rollout, we will also be getting a LEGO Batman Movie Foil Pack which will contain a Batman minifigure inside!

These ‘foil packs’ are usually packaged with the LEGO themed magazines (like Star Wars or Nexo Knights) that are found in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Which probably means that we should be seeing a LEGO Batman Movie magazine on the horizon pretty soon.

LEGO Star Wars Magazine LEGO Nexo Knights Magazine

These magazines are quite fun for the kids as it includes comics, posters and activities for them to do on top of the foil pack that usually contain either a small build or a minifigure.

They are priced at only £3.90 in the UK but it costs a lot to import them to Singapore which makes them a lot more expensive once it reaches our shores.

Either way, this still looks to be the cheapest way to get the new Batman minifigure with the utility belt.

(Via eBay)

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