LEGO ‘Mystery’ Box From Amazon Prime China Discovered

LEGO Amazon Prime Gift Box

Amazon Prime launched in China last year and has partnered with LEGO to roll out this “mystery” gift box which contains some pretty nifty items.

It consists of one random BrickHeadz (Belle, Robin, Hulk or Batgirl), a gold minifigure keychain, RMB¥100 Amazon gift card with the LEGO logo on it.

LEGO Amazon Prime Gift Box

LEGO Amazon Prime Gift Box

The bottom left box actually contains 12 1×1 black plates which you use to complete the QR Code that is on the underside of the cover. It actually leads to the official LEGO Wechat channel which is a popular social media platform used by AFOLs in China.

LEGO Amazon Prime Gift BoxThere is also a combo ticket to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Shanghai and Chinese language version of “The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination” on the lower tier.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Shanghai

Ticket to LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Shanghai

LEGO Ideas Book Chinese Language

LEGO Ideas Book: Unlock your imagination (Chinese Language Edition)

The box comes in a very sleek black flip top box with the Amazon Prime and LEGO logo on the front.  It costs RMB¥599 (SGD$122 / USD$88) to get one which is pretty decent since the approximate total value of the gift box is about SGD$200 / USD$150.

There is nothing particularly exclusive to this gift box except the LEGO Amazon Gift card so I would probably only get it if I was already planning a trip to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

(Thanks to Customize Minifigures Intelligence for the heads up!)

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