Target Exclusive LEGO Bean There, Donut That (40358) Discovered!


A Target Exclusive LEGO set has been discovered thanks to Reddit user /emotion_chip.

It has 146pcs and features a small donut stall with four minifigures and some really nice accessories like the Dalmatian dog figure and a blue bicycle.

lego-bean-there-donut-that-40358 03

This is only available at Target stores and so far it has only appeared at the outlets in the United States. If anyone has any information if these are showing up in the Target stores in Australia, that would be awesome!

The retail price is USD$19.90 which should translate to approximately AUD$30.

One response to “Target Exclusive LEGO Bean There, Donut That (40358) Discovered!”

  1. Tyroga says:

    We don’t get any of the other Target exclusive stuff in any other range, like movie releases, or game releases, so not sure why we’d expect these. They are two completely separate companies so it’s unlikely we’ll see these here in Au.

    I’m sure some enterprising folks will buy them and put them on their Bricklink store, and I guess I’ll keep an eye out for that happening.

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