LEGO Chinese New Year’s Dinner and Dragon Dance Sets Instructions Now Online!


LEGO has quietly uploaded the instructions to the LEGO Chinese New Year’s Dinner (80101) and LEGO Dragon Dance (80102) sets which are regional exclusives to Asia at the moment.

For those who are outside of Asia, you can now download the instructions and build these beauties on your own. Granted that a lot of the minifigures and printed tiles are exclusive to these sets, the instructions should still help with any mods or colour swaps that you are trying to attempt.

Get them here:

LEGO Chinese New Year’s Dinner (80101)


LEGO Dragon Dance (80102)


Hope this helps those who are not able to get their hands on the sets at the moment. However, I do believe that if these sets prove popular, it should roll out to the other regions as well.

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