LEGO Easter Chick Instructions!


As Good Friday is just around the corner, Target (USA) did a cool little mini-build LEGO Easter Chick activity to celebrate.

Thanks to Danny Larabee, we have the instructions for those who were unable to make it to the event. lego-easter-chick-instructions-01 lego-easter-chick-instructions-02

It is quite easy to replicate as it uses elements that can easily be found in your brick stash or on bricklink. Here is the full parts list:


Good hunting everyone! Is it me or do these look like baby chocobos?

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  1. […] es drum: Der Brickfinder hat die Bauanleitung veröffentlicht. So also konnte in den USA bei Target das Küken […]

  2. A good idea with which you can attract children to create scenery for Easter with the help of their favorite occupation of collecting Lego.

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