Review: Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Spring 2019


With the shuttering of all the Toys ‘R’ Us outlets in the United States and UK last year, the continuation of the annual Bricktober promotions were in question.

So it was a great relief when the remaining Toys ‘R’ Us outlets in the world collectively launched  Bricktober 2019.


Bricktober Spring 2019

This has to be one of the best Bricktober packaging that I’ve come across. The cube is wrapped in a light pink motif that is reminiscent of the Kanagawa wave.

Bricktober Spring 2019
Bricktober Spring 2019

This really doesn’t feel like you’re opening a LEGO set at all. It is a telescope type box where the lid covers the entire height of the inner ‘tray’.

Bricktober Spring 2019

The instructions and sticker sheet are tucked into a black cardboard sleeve that covers the LEGO parts beneath.

Bricktober Spring 2019

The 105 elements are split into two un-numbered bags which is usual when the piece count is so small.

Build Experience

Bricktober Spring 2019

This is actually a fairly simple build compared to the previous Bricktober brick built offerings.

There are two parts to the model, the base and the scenery itself. The base is rather straight forward with basic plates and bricks forming the square foundation.

Bricktober Spring 2019

There are two technic bricks which allows you to connect this base to another one to form a series.

Bricktober Spring 2019

Now, the one thing that would have made this a highly sought after set would have been the inclusion of a 2×2 printed tile for the LEGO logo instead of the sticker version that we got here.

Bricktober Spring 2019


Bricktober Spring 2019

The design is simple yet recognisable. The Japanese Torii gate only comprises of ten elements. And the green ice cream element as trees is an excellent choice.

Bricktober Spring 2019

This model actually reminds me of Chris McVeigh’s Bonsai Sakura tree that he designed before becoming an official LEGO Designer.

Bricktober Spring 2019


There really isn’t a price to attach to this as it is a gift with purchase (GWP) with every SGD$65 spent on non-discounted LEGO sets.

There is no discount at Toys ‘R’ Us so you would have to buy the LEGO sets at full RRP. Purchasing the same LEGO set at the LEGO Certified Stores in Singapore can net you a 10% discount if you’re a member so technically the model would ‘cost’ you SGD$6.50.

That amount drops even lower if you factor in the Toys ‘R’ Us Star Point system but I’m not going to innundate you with the math.


While the previous Bricktober minifigure packs were much more worth it, these microscale models do have their charm. And valued at SGD$6.50, it is pretty decent.


Bricktober Spring 2019

An excellent entry for the Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober promotion although I really wish they had opted to print that LEGO 2×2 tile instead of using an adhesive.


  • Exclusive LEGO set from Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Beautiful model
  • Relatively cheap redemption amount


  • No printed LEGO 2×2 tile


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