LEGO Minecraft Summer 2020 Sets First Look!

Thanks to Amazon France, we have the first official reveal of a couple of LEGO Minecraft sets that are slated for a summer release.

The two sets in question are the The Crafting Box 3.0 (21161) (564 pieces – €84.99) and The Redstone Battle (21163) (504 pieces – €54.99). The latter being based on the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons game coming in May 2020.

The Crafting Box (21161) – 564pcs – €84.99

The Redstone Battle (21163) – 504 pieces – €54.99

Minifigures: Hex, Hedwig, Hal, and Valorie.

The passion for online game Minecraft Dungeons comes to real life with the LEGO Minecraft set The Battle of the Red Stone (21163). 
Players create their own Dungeons adventures with well-known characters and articulated giants.
Includes 4 Minecraft heroes – Hex, Hedwig, Hal and Valorie – a giant Red Stone monster and a Red Stone golem, plus many fascinating Minecraft weapons.
The action, the enthusiasm and the adventure know no limits when the children face the giant monster and the golem in Red Stone and join forces with the heroes of Minecraft to defeat the henchmen of the Arch-illageois.
Looking for a new Minecraft toy for kids 8 and up
This versatile LEGO Minecraft Dungeons play set is a wonderful gift that will appeal to kids who love new ways to play their favorite game.
Players can build, play, rearrange and play again with this LEGO Minecraft creative building set. 
The monster articulated in red stone over 16 cm high is a large physical toy.
This action toy including monsters from the Minecraft universe does not require batteries: it works only thanks to the imagination of children! 
The manipulation of physical elements helps stimulate the dexterity and creativity of children, as well as their ability to solve problems, whether they play alone or in a group.
Simple and clear instructions allow children to build and play immediately, to live captivating moments with engaging characters, fun features and familiar places.
LEGO Minecraft building sets bring all the passion for online Minecraft play to the real world. 
With their high-quality, authentic-looking models, LEGO Minecraft sets take children’s play experience to a whole new level!
LEGO building sets meet the highest industry standards, which means they are compatible with each other and can be perfectly assembled and disassembled since 1958.

The sets should hit the shelves on June 1st 2020 and there are more Minecraft sets slated for release so watch this space!

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