LEGO Ideas Project Community – Greendale Community College Reaches 10,000 Votes!

I don’t normally post about LEGO Ideas projects reaching the 10K club but I’m a huge fan of Community and have been binge watching the series during this period of lockdown.

There are some of those who are not fans of the LEGO “Sitcom” series like LEGO Big Bang Theory and LEGO F· R· I· E· N· D· S sets but I do enjoy collecting them as the minifigures are exclusive and they are usually chock full of unique elements and printed parts.

Another plus is that having the cast in minifigure form would actually complete my Marvel Cinematic Universe collection since a handful of the main cast has popped up in various MCU movies as well.

Even at the very least, there this could be the chance to get an official Ken Jeong minifigure.

Congratulations bulldoozer21 (aka Ivan Guerrero), I cannot wait to see if this makes it into an official set! Cool cool cool!

Here is the set description:

From paintball battles, pillow forts, chicken finger conspiracies, and everything in-between, celebrate your love for the hit series Community with this playset based on Greendale Community College!

With numerous hidden Easter eggs and callbacks to beloved episodes, this set lets you build and relive your favorite moments from the show. You can hangout with the gang at Group Study Room F, visit the Dean’s office, grab a sandwich at the cafeteria, or search for your missing stuff in the ventilation system. Along the way, you can join a D&D game, film a documentary, jump on a trampoline or even vote down your best friends on MeowMeowBeenz. The possibilities are endless!
Join Jeff, Britta, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, Dean Pelton, and Chang as they navigate the world’s wackiest educational institution. Are they all actual LEGO mini figures or is this just happening in Abed’s mind? No one can know for sure! Warning: Lines between perception, desire and reality may become blurred, redundant or interchangeable.

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