LEGO City Main Square (60271) Found In The Wild!

LEGO City Main Square (60271)

The LEGO City Main Square (60271) has been spotted on the shelves of LEGOLAND Billund retailing for 1399kr.

I’m actually seeing this for the first time and it looks packed with a lo of smaller vignettes like a town hall, monorail and station, concert stage, burger shop and park.

LEGO City Main Square (60271)

This should be hitting the global market in the month of August and I’ll update once I find more information about it.

(Via Stonewars)

10 responses to “LEGO City Main Square (60271) Found In The Wild!”

  1. Shane hart says:

    Cool as an it has a Mona rail. I have the orindge push tram sume have tournt into a Mona rail I still have to rig a motor up to get it running on tram track s …so this set will only add more to my Lego city .scape. A Mona rail .i have plenty spear track s but whant to make a custom moc Mona rail an track. For it to run on. As gessing mona rail track s dont cume in set as it look like its painted in on box detail not apart of the set ..

  2. Matt Cernjavic says:

    Monorail? Octenfeild, Brockway and North Haverfeild.

  3. CT-1623 says:

    Finally, a genuine city square that doesn’t just have a huge vehicle and mediocre buildings?

  4. Виктор says:

    Класс я очень жду информацию

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