Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Ferris Wheel Instructions!

The Toys ‘R’ Us Bricktober promotions started last week and a lot of you guys have mentioned that it is not available in your respective countries.

I thought I’d scan and compile the instructions into a handy .pdf that you can download here and try to build the Bricktobers with your current stash (or through bricklink). The parts are all not unique save for the 2×2 LEGO logo printed tile.


I’ve also included the parts list for the Ferris Wheel and the Base that it sits on below. The base is the same for all the subsequent Bricktobers.

Hope this helps! Good hunting everyone!

4 responses to “Toys ‘R’ Us LEGO Bricktober Ferris Wheel Instructions!”

  1. DodotheBrickbird says:

    Thanks for the instructions. That is awsome. Thanks to covid it is impossible for me to travel to Singapore like I did last year to get the 4 Bricktober exclusives. You’re a saint for providing scans. Hope you can get the other three too. Thanks and greetings from Europe. Dodo

  2. mousetap says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this. As a brick fan, I wish these sets are available every where. I really do hope you can get the other three items and share with us. Thanks again…and stay safe!

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