LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review Results Announced!

The LEGO Ideas blog just announced the winners for the LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review a short while ago and we have two ONE project that will become actual LEGO sets in the near future!

The LEGO Ideas Earth Globe has got approval but the LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone project is still in consideration and decision will be announced at a later date. will be stocking the shelves at your local LEGO store pretty soon!

Earth Globe by Disneybrick55

Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone by toastergrl

There is a third project that was announced as well which is for the LEGO Ideas music contest that was held earlier this year.

The Legendary Stratocaster has been selected as the winner which will see brick built guitars join the LEGO Ideas family.

Congratulation to the winners! I’m actually quite happy with Sonic the Hedgehog just for the nostalgia but I’m a bit bummed that Indiana Jones trilogy and the Iron Giant did not make it.

LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review Results

We're back with the latest LEGO Ideas review results and we're excited to reveal new fan creations that have been approved to become LEGO Ideas sets! šŸ„³

Posted by LEGO Ideas on Wednesday, 30 September 2020

2 responses to “LEGO Ideas First 2020 Review Results Announced!”

  1. Douglas says:

    Yay I’ve waited so long for a sonic the hedgehog set and you did it. I’m proud of you lego people

  2. Irene Trotter says:

    I would love to see the stratocaster go from an idea to reality. I would be running to the shops to buy this

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