The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Feel Guide

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Feel Guide

The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Feel Guide

The official images to the LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure series were released to us earlier in the week and we all know about the price hike for this so I’ve done up a LEGO Batman Movie Minfigure Feel Guide to help those who are just looking for the ones that they want to collect.

There are quite a few accessories for these figures and some brand new ones so this guide is to kind of help those who are new to the ‘feeling’ of minifigure packets.

All the information is inside the graphic but I’ve also listed them out here for those who prefer it in text form:

  1. Lobster Lovin’ Batman – The defining items in for this character is the Lobster accessory and the round plate. You should be able to feel for Batman’s cowl but it does appear in five other characters.
  2. Eraser – He has a headpiece that should feel like a 1×1 round brick. He carries a 2×2 printed tile but that is also in Commissioner Gordon and Nurse Harley Quinn.
  3. Nurse Harley Quinn – Her dual ponytail hairpiece is unique to this character. It is a hard moulded piece and should feel a bit like the Babysitter’s hair from CMF 16.She also has a 2×2 printed tile.
  4. King Tut – Just look out for the his staff, it should feel long and thin. The snake accessory will feel wavy and his head gear should feel smooth and round.
  5. Pink Power Batgirl – She is the only one in this series with a skirt. It is a hard piece with sloping edges. Look for her Batarangs if you need another identifier.
  6. Dick Grayson – His only accessory is the “Shark Repellant” which is made up of 2 elements. Feel for the yellow “Tap” element or the 1×1 round brick.
  7. Orca – The Orca minifigure is essentially a paint variant of the Shark Suit Guy. He should feel quite large and smooth with fins at the end. You can’t miss it.
  8. Fairy Batman – The pink “Tutu” would be easy to feel at it is flat and solid with ridges. The pink ‘Wings’ are will also be easy to spot.
  9. Glam Metal Batman – It will be best to search for the guitar as it is the most identifiable feature. The shoulder pads will also help sift him out from the rest.
  10. Clan of the Cave Batman –  The brown wooden club accessory would be the best item to look for. He is the only character which has this piece.
  11. Vacation Batman – That inflatable duck ring is the most identifiable piece. It should feel round with the duck head sticking out at one end.
  12. Arkham Asylum Joker – The handcuffs should be relatively easy to feel for. Check the hairpiece as the multiple ridges will feel ‘rough’.
  13. Calculator – His white ‘armour’ piece will be quite bulky in the packet. Look for the 1×1 tile that is his calculator panel or his helmet which is smooth and round.
  14. Red Hood – He comes with a red 2x2x1 cylinder element which is what you should look for. The shoulder pads will be another item to identify him with.
  15. Commissioner Gordon – The unique item here is the walkie-talkie accessory. Feel for the antenna. He also has a 2×2 printed tile but so does Eraser and Nurse Harley Quinn.
  16. Barbara Gordon – Search for her police hat. It should feel flat on the top. The 1×1 round tile ‘Bat’ Signal button along with the 1×1 plate should confirm that it is her.
  17. March Harriet – The bunny ears will be the easiest to identify. The tommy gun is another item that you can look out for. But really, just feel for the bunny ears.
  18. Mime – Look for the two lightning accessories. They should feel solid and flat with jagged edges. Her mohawk is an other piece to look for if you need another identifier.
  19. Catman – His two ‘claws’ is the only thing that can help you identify him. They will be small but you can feel the tips of the claws through the packet. His cowl does not have a chin guard like the others.
  20. Zodiac Master – The accessories are dead giveaways. Feel for the fish and the crab accesso ries and you should be able to identify him.

There you have it. Hopefully this helps the uninitiated and for those who are already adept at feeling for packets, do lend those a hand.

Just one word of advice, there are a lot of capes in this set and try not to press too hard or you might just crease them while feeling the packets. Good hunting everyone.


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  1. Martin Beaumont-Pike says:

    Thanks for this. I’m very keen to find Harley, the Red Hood and maybe the Joker. 🙂

  2. Ikkad says:

    Just letting you know that Orca is female. Thank you for the guide!

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