Lepin Launches NUOGAO Blocks

lepin-is-now-nougaoIn the wake of the clone bricks factory raid which saw goods worth  RMB200 million seized and the arrest of the CEO of Lepin comes a piece of news that is while troubling, is not much of a surprise.

Lepin’s official online store, Lepinworld.com, has updated its website with a listing titled “NUOGAO” and if you click on it, it takes you to a brand new page with the text:

NUOGAO Blocks is new brand of LEPIN with perfect quality and can satisfy every AFOLs


The ‘new’ NUOGAO page is essentially the entire Lepin catalogue which still allows you to place orders for the sets.

Another online webstore for clone bricks, Your World Of Building Blocks, displays this message when you search for “NUOGAO” in their search bar.


“LEPIN’ll begin to use a new name “NUOGAO” in the future”

When one company goes down, there will always be others ready to pick up the slack. In Lepin’s case, the company picking up the slack is supposedly them, rebranded and ready to take on the next copyright lawsuit.

Just like Captain America said, “I can do this all day…”.

One response to “Lepin Launches NUOGAO Blocks”

  1. Benzi says:

    This is not official website. Just a reseller 😀 they just tell everyone they are official

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