LEGO Spiderman Far From Home (40343) Character Pack Sneak Peek!


The LEGO Spiderman: Far From Home sets have selling for a couple of weeks already but here is a first look at the LEGO Spiderman Far From Home (40343) Character Pack that should be hitting the shelves pretty soon!

The pack features three minifigures: Spider-Man, Maria Hill and Ned Leeds. There is a brick built drone that is included as

As of this posting, the Ned Leeds and Maria Hill minifigures are exclusive to this character pack as they do not appear in any other sets for the time being.


The Spiderman minifigure looks to be the same as the ones found in ATM Heist Battle (76082) and Beware the Vulture (76083) from two year ago.

There hasn’t been any information on the pricing yet but previous character packs have gone for USD$12.99. This should be available come June 1st.

(Thanks to Wooden Duck for the heads up!)

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