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New Kids On The Block: Korea Brick Party 2019


LEGO fans of South Korea gathered over the weekend for the inaugural Korea Brick Party hosted at the Baekbeom Kimgu Memorial Hall in the country’s capital. The Korea Brick Party event is slightly different from “Brick Korea Exhibition” as this follows the convention format with larger scaled dioramas along with the builders themselves interacting with the patrons. The convention is […]

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LEGO Star Wars UCS Imperial Star Destroyer (75252) Docking Soon?


It is almost time for the next LEGO Star Wars “Ultimate Collector’s Series” announcement and interwebs are rife with rumours of the Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD) reissue. I’ve caught wind of this rumour early this year and now there are reports that we will indeed be getting an update to the iconic LEGO Star Wars UCS ISD which […]

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LEGO Tree in the Woods Instructions!


Just yesterday, LEGO Brand Stores around the world organised a surprise “Make and Take” build in conjuncture with the launch of the LEGO Ideas Tree House (21318). The session allowed you to build a micro scale tree and for those would were not able to make it, here are the instructions courtesy of the LEGO […]

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LEGO Disney Train and Station (71044) Official Images!


While the initial box picture has been leaked to no end, here is the official announcement for LEGO Disney’s latest Direct-to-Consumer set! The LEGO Disney Train & Station (71044) is the long awaited addition to the “ultimate collector” LEGO Disney line that began with the LEGO Disney Castle (71040) back in 2016. The set features The Walt Disney World […]

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LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 19 (71025) Box Distribution Revealed!


LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 19 (71025) is due in a couple of weeks and YouTuber Brick Shack managed to snag three unopened boxes and shared with us the box distribution! Here is the list below but do note that these are not the official names as they have yet to be revealed yet. Video Game […]

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LEGO BrickHeadz Halloween Ghost (40351) Official Images!


Halloween is just a couple of months away and it is just the right time for LEGO announce the next seasonal set! The LEGO BrickHeadz Ghost (40351) will be available in September 1st and sport a recommended retail price of SGD$16.90 / USD$9.90. It consists of 136pcs and joins the LEGO Valentines Day Puppy (40349) […]

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LEGO Ideas Central Perk (21319) Official Announcement!


We all know the theme song and Chandler’s disproportionate use of sarcasm but after 25 years since it’s debut, the hit television show is finally getting their very own LEGO set courtesy of LEGO Ideas. The project was first submitted by Aymeric Fievet from Normandy and it made its way through the selection process to join the […]

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This LEGO F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Teaser Will Be There For You!


For those who follow the LEGO Ideas line would know that the LEGO Ideas F.R.I.E.N.D.S. project was approved and just hours ago, the LEGO Facebook page just gave us our first ‘official’ sneak peek at the set. They posted a short three second teaser which replicates the last bit of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. iconic introduction sequence […]

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This “LEGO” Sci-Fi Short Film Took Five Years To Make!


Call it what you may, “VESTIGE” is a gorgeous short film that is essentially a love letter to LEGO space. Written and directed by Brian Ellis, former toy designer on the LEGO Bionicle team, made sure that every shot was made with practical effects with zero computer generated imagery (CGI). Check out the short film below as well […]

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LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 19 (71025) Official Images!


While there was a leak a week ago regarding the LEGO CMF Series 19 insert leaflet, German online toy store B&B has just listed the series for sale on their website. There are some new elements introduced in this series along with a Monkey King (Sun WuKong) minifigure which is based on a Chinese mythological character. According to […]

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