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Build The Change With LEGO Here In Singapore


The LEGO Group’s social engagement event, “Build the Change” is putting a face to corporate responsibility. The global campaign challenges the children of today to tackle real world problems with a healthy dose of imagination and the help of a few LEGO bricks. Attendees were posed question: “How would you design a high-tech city of the […]

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LEGO Year of the Rat (40355) Sneak Peek!


The Lunar New Year is a couple of months away but there are some who have already got their hands on next year’s LEGO Year of the Rat (40355) set! The box images crossed my desk a while ago but now a reader from Brickset managed to get their hands on it and posted the first […]

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LEGO Marvel 2020 1HY Revealed!


The LEGO 2020 1HY set reveals continue with the LEGO Marvel theme. Next year’s offerings does seem to sport a “mech” sub-theme as Iron Man, Thanos and Spider-Man are getting their own mechs to pilot.   Avengers: Iron Man Mech (76140) Avengers: Thanos Mech (76141) Avengers: Speeder Bike Attack (76142) Avengers: Truck Take down (76143) Avengers: Hulk Helicopter […]

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LEGO Architecture 2020 Skylines First Look!


We got wind of the next two LEGO Architecture skylines slated for release some time back and now we have the official box art for both of them. There seems to be some new elements like the panels for the Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower and a recolour of a door frame for the Dubai Frame. Tokyo […]

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LEGO Troll World Tour Official Images!


This is certainly information overload week, we had the LEGO main line releases along with the LEGO Manchester United news as well. Now we have the first official look at the LEGO Trolls World Tour theme coming out next year! LEGO seems to be leaning heavily to intellectual property projects of late and 2020 looks […]

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LEGO And Manchester United Sign Landmark Deal!


Football fans rejoice as Manchester United Football Club has just announced a deal with the LEGO Group to produce license products over the course of 2020. There hasn’t been any information on what type of products LEGO will be producing for the football club but it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to think […]

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LEGO Disney Princess 2020 1HY Set Images


We continue the LEGO 2020 1HY set reveals with the LEGO Disney Princess theme. There are still some sets that have not been revealed yet but we do get a first look at the new “storybook” sub-theme that will debut at the end of the year. Moana’s Boat (43170) – 46 pcs – 9,99€ Aurora’s […]

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LEGO Speed Champions 2020 1HY Official Images


Gearhead website, Car and Driver has revealed two more sets from the LEGO Speed Champions 2020 line. We will be getting the Ferrari F8 and the 1989 Audi Sport Quattro S1 to the roster of supercars that are slated to be released at the end of the year. Ferrari F8 Tributo (76895) – 275 pcs – […]

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LEGO Creator 2020 1HY Product Images!


This is the first batch of LEGO Creator 2020 1HY set images which showcases the 3-in-1 offerings for the next year. There is quaint habitat entry with the Townhouse Toy Store (31105) and the Monster Burger Truck (31104) has a cute brick built doggie. Monster Burger Truck (31104) – 499pcs Firedragon (31102) – 234pcs Sports Cars […]

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LEGO Ninjago 2020 1HY Set Images!


LEGO Ninjago has always been one of my favourite themes as the sets always have innovative play features along with introducing a lot of new elements. Here is the next batch of 2020 1HY sets for LEGO Ninjago! Golden Mech (71702) – 489pcs – RMB399 Kai’s Mech Jet (71707) Gamer’s Market (71708) – 218pcs – […]

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